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New 2500 yen pack


2500Yen Package

◇horse mackerel(From Kyoto) 150g×5

◇mackerel(From Chiba) 600g×1

◇saury(From Hokkaido) 150g×2

※The ocean is unpredictable so seafood changes on a daily basis as well as seasonally.

The list above is an example of fish to likely be included in your order.


Tsuku Kame Shin has professionally selected the most delicious seafood.

Every morning 1800 tons of seafood come into the Tsukiji Fish market with over 480 kinds of seafood from all over the world.

The fish selected at 3am will be shipped out that same day to you.

Its our belief "To deliver delicious seasonal fish" that's how we operate.

We always choose the best fish even if it is more expensive for us.

We go for quality over quantity. Other seafood providers will buy their seafood in bulk, but the best fish is never in those bulk sets.

Good for one person to try TsukuKameShin`s quality.