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About Tsukukameshin

History of Tsuku Kame Shin

During the Edo Jidai in 1863 in the Nihon Bashi Fish Market (The predecessor to the Tsukiji Fish Market), Tsuku Kame Shin was founded.

Nagamatsu Kato, the founder, has poured his soul into his goal of deliveringthe most delicious fish of the season to the people of Edo.

This spirit has carried over to the family's second generation Gonpei, then third generation Junichi, then passed down to the modern fourth generation Shinichi and finally fifth generation, Satoru.

In order to deliver the most delicious fish of the season to everyone,TsukuKameShin will continue to push forward as a professional seafood provider.


Fresh fish from the largest fish market in the world, Tsukiji



If its not delicious,

we do not sell it

Even if seafood is ordered, if we can't meet our standard of qulaity of fish we cannot sell it.

As a professional brokerage, it is more important that we sell the most the delicious fish possible.

That is the creed TsukuKameShin has inherited since its inception.


We do not use gloves

when dealing with fish

As a seafood connoisseur, it is a prerequisite that we feel the subtle differences in seafood quality.

If we don't detect the subtle differences, it would not be possible to select the absolute best fish.

We are dealing with fish with our bare hands, even in the frigid winter morning.


Seafood is purchased fresh

and sold on the same day

By the day of the week and time we have to adjust the purchase amount, but there are still days where there is left over seafood.

It is possible to freeze and sell this left over fish to sell at a later date, but we do not conduct such a thing.

we only deal in fresh fish as our style is to get this fresh fish to the customer as soon as possible.


For any questions about our company you can always contact us.


Contact Us

■Product Inquiries

Tsuku Kame Shin

No. 7117-7118

Toyosu fish market, Toyosu 6-5-1, Koto-ku, Tokyo,〒135-0061 


■Marketing Inquiries

ENT co.,ltd

Ichigaya KK Tower 4F, Ichigaya Yanagicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 〒162-0061